About Us


We’re Jeremy and Sarah. We live in Brooklyn, New York where we met 15 years ago on a night out. Sarah made sure Jeremy didn’t leave without her phone number - and since that first chance meeting, we’ve been navigating the world together, from picking a movie we both want to watch and trips to Norway to fertility issues and big life decisions. 

After all this time, we haven’t changed much: Sarah still cracks awkward Dad jokes (which she assumes must be funny at least sometimes), and Jeremy still rocks a black band t-shirt 80% of the time. At the end of the day, we rely on laughter, trust, honesty, and unfailing support of each other’s dreams and goals to keep our relationship strong.

Our friend Sarah says: "Both my husband and I have often remarked that of all our friends, Sarah and Jeremy would make the best parents we know, and how much we wish it will happen for them."


About Sarah

Sarah works at a nonprofit in New York helping people to improve their lives. Her passion for equality and building people up is part of her every-day life. When not working, Sarah often likes to relax at home. She’s a kitchen experimenter: Baking bread, cooking up a curry, or even making a homemade face mask - there's always a pile of dishes on the weekend. She's been a vegetarian for awhile, but really loves cooking for others and sharing meals with friends or family. She also loves hanging out with friends and their kids, walking around the city, reading, taking road trips, and watching crime dramas and reality shows on Netflix.

The qualities that Sarah values most in her relationship with Jeremy and her closest friendships are kindness, humor, equality, and honesty. She tries to live by these qualities herself and pulls her strength from them in tough times. She expects her values will guide her in developing her parenting style.


About Jeremy

Jeremy works as a photo editor, but his true calling is his art. His paintings, sculptures, photos, and videos have been in 3 gallery shows this year. He moved to New York after growing up in Colorado and Arizona - he loved the city energy and the arts scene. After getting a Master’s in Fine Art with a focus on painting about ten years ago, he has kept art as a part of his daily life. His job in the photography industry pays the bills, and gives him a flexible schedule.

His free time is spent painting, sculpting, and making videos in his art studio or hanging out with Sarah and our friends. He invests a lot into his friendships and many of his closest friends have been around him since high school. He also loves music, indoor climbing, games, and reads about a book a week.

The values Jeremy hopes to instill in our children include empathy and kindness, self-confidence and intellectual curiosity, creativity, and self-discipline. As a father, he plans to provide them with opportunities to explore whatever interests they develop.