A note to you

Hi there,

As you’re thinking about your future and your child’s future, we’re so grateful for the opportunity to share some information about us, our home, and our hopes for raising a child through adoption. Thank you for taking a few minutes to get to know us!

Throughout our relationship, the values that have kept us strong are trust, honesty, and unfailing support of each others’ dreams and goals. Jeremy works as a photo editor, and is also an artist who shows in galleries around the world. And Sarah works at a nonprofit that helps improve the lives of new Americans. Jeremy’s art career and Sarah’s passion for equality are part of who we are and what we love about each other. Our relationship and our family comes first, but we have found that we’re stronger together and as individuals because we support each others’ goals.

We also share a deep commitment to our families and are very close to them, even though we live far apart. Our brothers are also among our best friends. We try to see our brothers and parents at least once a year, often more. And here in Brooklyn, we have a close network of people we love. Our weekends often include the playground with friends and their kids, a big picnic in the park, or Skype calls with our young nephews. We will do anything for our friends and family - and as we’ve reached out to tell people about our adoption plans this year, we have received an immense amount of love and support.

Nearly five years after first trying to start a family, and many failed fertility treatments, we were at a crossroads. We each took time to think about the future of our family, and came back to the same spot: Adoption. We both know this is the best and most natural choice for us and that we can meet the needs of a child to make them always feel safe, loved, and a seamless fit in our family. We’re really ready to expand our team of two to three.

We are so respectful of the difficult choice you’re considering, and  understand how important it is to you to feel good about finding the right fit. That’s what we want, too. Hopefully this website gives you a sense of who we are and why we want to share our lives with a child, or children. A child in our home will be raised to value kindness, equality, knowledge, humor, and creativity. We want to give them plenty of opportunities to learn, explore the world, and become a confident and thoughtful person. And we plan to stay connected with the woman who brings that child into the world and chooses our family.

Thank you for your time,

Sarah & Jeremy