Our Families


Our family is a big part of our daily lives despite the distance between us. We were both raised in loving homes and encouraged to learn, explore, and try new things - and we want the same for our own family.

Sarah’s parents still live in her childhood home in Indiana, and her brother is in Virginia. Jeremy’s dad and step-mom live in Colorado, and his brothers are in California and New Mexico. We also have three amazing sisters-in-law and three young nephews that rock our world. We have great times visiting our family around the country and hosting them at our place as often as possible.

We’re excited to see our parents become grandparents to our first child and for our nephews to have a new cousin to grow up with - and they’re super excited too.


Here are a few snapshots of us with our family. These are special moments we’ve shared with our dads, Sarah’s mom, Jeremy’s step-mom, our three brothers, our three sisters-in-law, and our three nephews!