Our Home


Our apartment is a cozy two-bedroom in a very culturally diverse neighborhood, where we’ve lived for over a decade. In a walk around the neighborhood, we pass by brownstone houses and big apartment buildings, an ice cream shop, an Italian deli, several playgrounds and parks, coffee shops, a police station, and an elementary school. There are good child care options in the area for the future, too. A big, leafy tree outside our front window gives us shade in the summer from our top-floor apartment in a three-story building. 


Some of our favorite memories in our apartment include Jeremy proposing to Sarah on one knee; playing hotel to many friends and family as they visit or travel through NYC; having an impromptu dance party with our closest friends and their toddler son; cooking dinner while the snow came down outside our living room window; and snoozing with our cat Sylvie on the couch. We've worked hard to make a home that's full of warmth, life, fun, and color. It's our own little corner and we love it - and can't wait to share it with a child.

Our friend Jessie has this to say about our home: "When we visit their home, plants are growing, art and books line the walls and there is always something to eat. They are kind and generous people who have built a strong community around them."